Play I Digital

Encore une lourde selection early digital posée sur les platines du home studio par Gab Selecta.

On s'écoute un max de bad tunes sur Jammys, Eclipse, Crat Prod, Taurus ou Blue Mountain.

Pousse ton son, PlayIOne45 comes !!



Dennis Brown – The Exit

Wayne Smith – My Lord My God

Prince Junior – Keep On Running

Prince Jammys – Version

Super Black – Keep On Running

Withe Mice – Nothing Never Done Before The Time

Sammy Levi – Come Off The Road

Sammy Levi – Five Pounds Box Of Dubs

Sammy Levi & Marshall One – Love Is The Message

Major Danger – Know Fi Move

Dub Version

Super Black – Hole In The Roof

Courtney Melody – Stop Inform

Pad Anthony – We Rule Things

Major Makrel – Nuh Run Down Man

Pad Anthony – Rock On

Courtney Melody – Tell Them

Wayne Wonder – Never Gonna Give You Up

Horace Martin- Lap Frock

Little John – Fade Away

Gregory Isaacs – Once A Man

King Kong – Try Not I

Version Dub

Peter Metro – Duppy Come

Dennis Brown – Home Boy

Culture – Dance Hall Style

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